How to Survive Urgent Last Minute Online Shopping In One Piece?

As many of you already know by now, last minute shopping can be fun and joyful, but also pretty tricky, nerve-racking and incredibly stressful, especially when you’re almost out of time.
There are several main reasons for last minute shopping:

  • Procrastination: some people tend to procrastinate when they think the task is too difficult, don’t really know where to actually start or simply feel overwhelmed.

  • Emergencies: from time to time, life can bring a sudden unexpected need for a certain product or item.

  • Bad Memory: we’re all human beings and sometimes people forget to buy something they want or need and realize it only at the very last minute.

  • Convenience: many people like the convenience of purchasing an item online and having it delivered quickly, by the next day.

Tips: What to Do When You Need an Item Urgently?

When you’re in a hurry, either during the holiday season or any time of the year, one option is going to a local shopping mall or visit physical stores in your area – but what if you don’t want to or simply can’t?
Online shopping is also a very good option to consider, especially since many retailers offer the ability to get your order successfully delivered within 24 hours.

When time is of essence, there are several key strategies, tactics and tips that can help you get the item you want to purchase online, delivered in time.

  • Check The Vendor’s Cutoff Time First
    When you need to shop for an item quickly you’re basically in a high-speed race against time, or to be more accurate, in a race against websites’ order cutoff time.
    Remember, there is absolutely no point in browsing a certain website if you’ve already missed their deadline for same day shipping, so don’t waste your precious time.
    Instead, browse websites that can still take your order and are guaranteed to ship it on the same day.

  • Focus
    As a last minute shopper, remember that you are operating under extreme time constraints and the clock keeps ticking.
    There’s no room for error, so be focused at your main objective, which is finding the particular product that you wish to buy and completing the order, before the cutoff time.
    Avoid any unnecessary distractions, concentrate on your mission and stick to the plan.

  • Stay Calm, But Be Ready To Act Quickly
    When you realize how little time you have in your disposal in order to complete your urgent purchase, it’s pretty easy to panic, despair and make the wrong moves.
    That’s why it’s essential to keep calm and make quick decisions as soon as you find an item that answers your needs.

  • Read the Vendor’s Shipping Policy
    Each online vendor has its rules regarding how shipping is done and it’s usually detailed at the shipping policy on his website.
    Make sure to carefully read it in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises.
    Verify that the shipping option that you need is indeed still available for you, in terms of cutoff time deadline and delivery speed.

  • Be Prepared to Pay Extra for Express Shipping
    Nobody likes extra charges, but if you need an item to be delivered overnight by tomorrow or the following day, be realistic and expect to pay a substantially higher fee for the premium service.

  • Look for Specific Holiday Season Shipping Information
    During peak times like the holidays, retailers usually have some special policies regarding how and when they ship their goods. Make sure you read those guidelines carefully in order to make sure that you can meet holiday-specific order cut off time and delivery deadlines.

  • Take Advantage of Holiday Shipping Specials on Rush Orders
    Some retailers who wish to capture last-minute sales will offer heavily discounted or sometimes even totally free expedited delivery promotions. In most cases, such deals are associated with certain order minimums, but it still may turn out as a great opportunity.

  • What To Do If You’ve Missed a Website’s Cutoff Time?
    If you didn’t make it to the deadline, there are 2 main practical options to consider. The first, visit other similar stores, where you can still place an order. The second, if there are no other merchants to explore, call the website’s customer service by phone, explain the situation and ask if you can still make a purchase and get the order quickly shipped the same day. At least in some cases, the vendor will be able to help and it’s worth the try.

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